What is the best wood for a modern custom fence gate?

We’ve all seen them, and we all love them. That beautiful horizontal fence gate that screams sophistication and elegance. However, we’ve also seen them built very, very wrong. With the wrong wood, you will see that beautiful fence gate go from bright to dull, especially with the Florida sun and rain. 

So what is the solution? Use the right wood! At Calima & Co, we have experience in this area. We have worked on countless outdoor projects, including that beautiful horizontal fence gate, and we know you MUST use the right wood. That perfect wood for Florida is going to be cedar.

Why cedar?

Cedar is a naturally rot resistant wood, so rain or shine it will have the longevity you want in order to protect your investment. It is also a very lightweight wood. Ever seen a sagging fence gate? It’s crucial that your fence gate is made with a light weight wood to prevent the sag. Cedar also has a beautiful grain and color. This grain adds to the appeal of the fence gate, and with the right stain you can create that perfect curb appeal for years to come. 

Give Calima and Co. a call today and let’s discuss getting your old fence gate to it’s new glory!

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